Baseball is Back.

(Most 0f) The boys were back at it at Fenway South a day ahead of the first official Spring Training for pitchers and catchers tomorrow. New pitcher Chris Sale is understandably generating the most buzz. Here’s a look a  few of my frames from this morning…

A glimpse into, & my thoughts on, the first couple of weeks of the Boston Red Sox 2016 Season

The first couple of weeks of a Major League Baseball spring training are always an interesting time. For a photographer, you get to observe as ballplayers are reunited,  reacquainted or introduced and quietly begin the long process of a baseball season together. When things go good, this is where it all starts. This is where the chemistry begins […]

How Profoto B1 Air Strobes Saved The Day

Being the team photographer for a professional sports team can be stressful. You are often tasked with capturing publications and marketing-worthy images in unGodly short amounts of time with less than ideal conditions. Luckily, I have a new tool in my kit that saved the day this week when everything seemed to be going wrong, […]