Baseball is Back.

(Most 0f) The boys were back at it at Fenway South a day ahead of the first official Spring Training for pitchers and catchers tomorrow. New pitcher Chris Sale is understandably generating the most buzz. Here’s a look a  few of my frames from this morning…

New England Patriots Victory Parade

Sports victory parades in Boston are starting to become somewhat common-today marked the tenth since 2001- but that doesn’t seem to diminish the enthusiasm of the crowd. I was stationed in Copley Square covering the Patriot’s parade for Getty Images and the crowd was bananas! What an unbelievable turnout in the rain and snow. Here […]

Looking back at “Frozen Fenway”

It was a busy January around Fenway Park “Frozen Fenway” games and activities taking place over a two-month period and I especially enjoyed watching my alma mater, Boston University, play up (and win) up close. Here is a selection of some of my favorite images from the ice.