Is Virtual Reality the Future of Marketing?

Virtual Reality (VR) technology has come to the masses. If you’ve been anywhere near a TV or bus station you’ve probably spotted  an ad for the Samsung Gear VR.  Samsung claims that the product will redefine what a phone will do. As if a smartphone wasn’t a powerful enough entity when it comes to a marketing platform, this technology redefines more than the phone. Entry into a virtual landscape will redefine marketing. This Spring, the Red Sox Creative Services team decided to implement this technology as part of their marketing strategy. I got a chance to try the Gear VR over the winter in the offices at JetBlue Park. In the video, I was immersed in a virtual landscape with LeBron James. I was in the gym with him, outside with him, and riding around in the car with him. It was a cool experience, albeit a dizzying one. The marketing team recorded footage throughout the spring and eventually created the Red Sox Virtual Dugout at Fenway Park. The team is also working on another method of leveraging this technology with the recently announced Red Sox Mobile Experience sponsored by T-Mobile. This application is essentially a VR experience on wheels, capable of bringing the Fenway experience all over New England. These are just two marketing applications of VR technology. How many other ways can it be applied? Virtual marketing within a virtual landscape? The possibilities are endless…

Boston Red Sox Spring Training Workout

Toronto Blue Jays vs. Boston Red Sox(Top) Several GoPro’s bundled together record VR footage of Boston Red Sox Pitcher David Price at jetBlue Park in Fort Myers, Florida.

(Below) Fans immersed in a virtual world in the Big Concourse at Fenway Park.

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