A glimpse into, & my thoughts on, the first couple of weeks of the Boston Red Sox 2016 Season

The first couple of weeks of a Major League Baseball spring training are always an interesting time. For a photographer, you get to observe as ballplayers are reunited,  reacquainted or introduced and quietly begin the long process of a baseball season together. When things go good, this is where it all starts. This is where the chemistry begins to be mixed. When things go bad this a time before you have to worry about that, a time when you can focus on the positives and think about the best-case-scenarios for the upcoming season.

This year it wasn’t too hard to focus a little bit more on those best-case-scenarios as I went about my business observing and photographing the team. The reasons for this optimism revolve around the three David’s. David Price. David Ortiz. David Dombrowski. Two new and one familiar face that hopefully will turn around the recent two-year playoff drought for  Boston baseball.

It’s easy to think it can happen. David Dombrowski has brought back a little bit of the old-school mentality to the Red Sox front office. Analytics are important in baseball, but so too is good old fashioned scouting, instincts and eyeball-testing. He seems to have a calm and controlling (and extremely friendly) presence around the ball club.

With David Price the team has an ace of the caliber we haven’t seen since the days of the Pedro Martinez. He seems happy to be here and ready to step up as a team leader.

And of course,  David Ortiz. The face of the franchise. What better symbol for a team to rally behind as he enters his final season? Here’s hoping he hits 30 more out this year and goes out with his fourth ring. There’s a long way to go before we get to that point, and one way or other right now we don’t have to worry about all of that.

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