Behind the ball…

Okay, I’ve been slacking on this blog a little so finally posting some photos from last Thursday’s day game against Oakland. It was kind of a sad day because of the news…but I tell you one thing: David Ortiz is still one of the coolest/nicest/funniest ballplayers out there.
More photos to come: Paul McCartney at Fenway tomorrow night , then off to NYC to photograph the Sox/Yanks and get some much needed photos of Victor Martinez and hopefully A-Rod crying like a little b*tch when the ump calls a third strike on him. Those are my favorite! Stay tuned…

One thought on “Behind the ball…

  1. Hey Michael, your stuff is awesome. Love the closeup of Ortiz…he seems to be taking everything really well. I was @ the game on Thursday and it was definitely strange to have to break that news to people around me.Thanks for posting.- Jeff

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